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I am Heidi Diouf. An Author and Intuitive

Breakthrough Mentor. I help people who struggle with plateaus and limits to breakthrough to their next level of greatness.

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This stimulating mister is empowered with flower essences including Borage, for buoyant courage; Self-Heal, for boosting the body's confidence in it's innate healing capacity; and Sage, for laughter & wisdom in accepting life's experiences. Essential oils Lemon Verbena & Rose Geranium refresh & inspire the heart, encouraging inner strength.

Uplift Your Spirit

SKU: 1519200102
Option 1
  • Ingredients: Borage, Sage, Self-Heal with essential oils of Lemon Verbena & Rose Geranium in purified water.


    Shake bottle & mist face, body & hands.  Protect from light & heat.  Expires 6 months after opening.


    For External Use Only.